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Goals & Objectives
Feb 02, 2023


The Kansas City Fair Contacting Alliance (KC FCA) is the clearing house for information about construction projects and contracting services. The information will include Prevailing Wage and Davis-Bacon requirements to help ensure projects are appropriately bid and awarded. KC FCA will inform public bodies and contracting agencies of contractors who abuse laws and take advantage of their workforce. KC FCA helps to educate workers and contractors on public works projects to make everyone aware of the appropriate wages and fringe benefits.


KC FCA researches the area to determine which contractors are bidding on projects. When projects are awarded, notices are sent to the contractor and the public body acknowledging that the KC FCA will monitor the project to ensure compliance with all local, state, and federal construction laws.


Construction Analysts investigate public construction projects to assist in determining violations of misclassification of workers and wage violations which are occurring. Construction Analysts will observe the number of workers on a job, the classifications in which they are working, the wages they are receiving, worker hours and overtime, and safety regulations. Violations are noted and actions are taken to report or correct the infractions.


Complaints filed with the KC FCA may include referrals from affected workers, contractors, local agencies, or other sources. Information is evaluated and submitted to the appropriate regulatory agency. Detailed information from Construction Analysts assists agencies in investigating and prosecuting violators.

Follow Up

KC FCA maintains regular contact with all appropriate agencies to monitor cases to be handled in a timely manner to see an appropriate resolution is reached. KC FCA will continue dialogue with the all parties regarding results of agency actions. KC FCA will follow up with information to assure that the public is made aware of any issues of taxpayer mistrust.

We provide this resource to enhances the job market for responsible contractors and ensure the workforce receives a fair payment of wages.

For more information, please contact the KC FCA via phone at 816.446.7144 or via E-mail: Director@kc-fca.org

Fair Contracting Alliance
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